weekend,Mo Xiaosheng accompanies Qiao Yiyi to review at home。

At this moment,Came a call,It’s Mr. Liang,
“Hey,Xiaomo,Do you have time at night,There is a celebrity exchange dinner tonight,They are all well-known figures in Heyang City,The secretary and mayor are there,Come along with you。”
“Liang Lao,thank you for your kindness,I’ll forget it,I won’t just follow along。”Mo Xiaosheng politely refused,I am not a celebrity,What to blend with。
“Xiaomo,People go high,I suggest you come,It might be a good turn for your life。”Liang Lao is persuading again。
Qiao Yiyi, who was sitting aside, also heard some,Talk to Mo Xiaosheng,
“Go,I’ll wait for you at home。”
Mo Xiaosheng glanced at Qiao Yiyi,Talk to Liang Lao,
“That’s it。”
“That’s it,I’ll let Xue’er pick you up later。”Old Liang hung up after speaking。
After Mo Xiaosheng hung up,,Talk to Qiao Yiyi,
“Mr. Liang is too enthusiastic,Ugh。”
“Ok,You can attend such a dinner party。”Qiao Yiyi smiled,“I’ll find you some body clothes to change。”
“no need,Just this。I look good too。”Mo Xiaosheng looked at himself,Speak confidently。
“hurry up。”Qiao Yiyi is up,I took out a suit for Mo Xiaosheng and handed it to him。
Mo Xiaosheng takes it,Quick change,Just changed,There was the sound of a sports car stopping outside。