Actually now because**Control,Many books that record profound arts have long since disappeared,Zhouyi that can be spread、Gossip、Five Elements,They are just some metaphysical books that are harmless to society,The most useful in metaphysics,And the most powerful part of the data is all controlled**In hand,This is also the reason why the Military Intelligence Department to which Han Bing belongs。

“Everyone knows that the mountain is wide at the bottom and narrow at the top,The more you go,This ghost swallowing mountain formation,It’s like an evil spirit opening its blood basin and swallowing it down from the top of a mountain,Die first,Then two or three,Then four、Five or more,Anyway, more people die every time than last time,To the end,Pile of dead people,So it’s called Guitun Mountain!”
Mo Xiaosheng explained to everyone in detail,I said that my heart was pounding,This evil technique,It’s too cruel。
Fortunately I found out early,Otherwise, I don’t know how many people died。
Everyone was shocked after listening,Bloodless,Terrified,If you really follow Mo Xiaosheng,I guess they all died soon。
Snow white complexion sallow,Sweat on the palms,Tightly grabbed the corner of Mo Xiaosheng’s clothes。
“Don’t be afraid,President Mo already helped us find these things,I believe President Mo must have a way to crack!”Sun Dezhu quickly comforted everyone。
“Not bad,Don’t panic everyone,Since I know this evil technique,Can crack it naturally!”
Mo Xiaosheng said and looked at Sun Dezhu,“Mr. Sun,Can you help me buy something?”
“of course can,of course can!”Sun Dezhu nodded repeatedly。
“Go to Antique City and buy me five bronze knives,One foot long。”Mo Xiaosheng told。
“Ok。”After Sun Dezhu left here。
After Sun Dezhu left, Mo Xiaosheng gathered a group of workers and burned the five boxes of bones.。
Everyone looked at the box and bones in front of them turned into ashes,The panic heart suddenly calmed down,As if to pull out a poisonous thorn in the flesh。
Sun Dezhu followed Mo Xiaosheng’s instructions,I bought five bronze knives,And quickly returned to the construction site。
Mo Xiaosheng took the five bronze knives,Then he walked to one of the pits where the urn was dug out,He took a handful,In his hand, he carved a forbidden formation on the bronze knife,A faint golden light flashed,Looks quite mysterious。