Casting is also a craft passed down by Zhu Minglang,Those tricks have never forgotten in my mind until now,As the man of Zhumen,It takes a lot of money to buy the armor of the dragon pet,Really ashamed of my ancestor!

Cast yourself。
And I can use this to exchange gold and silver。
How to Train Your Dragon Academy,Fengdi Town does not seem to have a decent forge,Get inside the prosperous state wall of Zulong City State。
Go early in the morning,Come back at night,First cast some armors for the nobles,All the materials later,Casting skills,And then cast a set of crocodile dragon heavy armor for Blackfang!
As planned,Go to Zulong City State Early in the Morning,Climbing back to the courtyard exhausted at night。
On the first day of Zhu Lian Zhu Minglang feels that his hands, feet and waist are about to break,After a few years of living like a pension,Power is not as good as before,Regaining this family tradition almost killed him。
I wish Ming Lang admit it,For a moment, he considered the proposal of selling peach girl Nian Nian……
She quietly told herself what the secret language of the boat was:A Fu,I don’t want to fight anymore。
the next day,I wish Minglang made a choice between the splendid painting by the river and the foundry,Finally, I dragged my aching body to become an apprenticeship。
Although Zhu Minglang was born in a crafting family,But he hasn’t been here since he was young,It seems that the family has long expected that they are an uneasy thing,I instilled all the casting skills into my mind,Now that I think about it, I really want to thank the elders。