Bring up the heart-wrenching topic again,But this time Peng Peng’s performance is much calmer,No lens,No longer have to worry about the effects of the program。</p>

Peng Yusang sighed,Tao:“I do not know either,After participating in this show,I’ve been fat since the first season until now。”</p>
Su Luo is on the sidelines:“What a sad story。”</p>
Chen Fangting was surprised:“Didn’t you go to the gym?”</p>
Peng Yu sang:“No time to,too busy。”</p>
“such,If you are going to the gym,I recommend you to go to a place,Where is absolutely quiet,No one will bother you。”</p>
immediately,Chen Fangting told Peng Yushang the address,Huang Leidao:“All right,Rest soon,It’s early morning。”</p>
Sanru nodded,Turn off the lights and go to bed。</p>
Next day,Su Luo gets up as usual,But found that Chen Fangting was also sober,The two met and smiled,Then put on your clothes tacitly。</p>
When it comes out,I just found the girl’s room door,Zhang Junmi tiptoedly closed the door,Dress up for a morning jog。</p>
Sanru nodded,Then left the courtyard,On the road,Several people were running and talking,Zhang Jun Midao:“Really unexpected,There are people who got up earlier than me,I know the habit of running in the morning。”</p>
Su Luo smiled:“I often get up like this,Are used to it。”</p>
Then he blinked,Tao:“Sister Jun Mi,You’ve just,Do you know the fake Ting has a jar for the morning run,Don’t you guys……”</p>
The two were taken aback,For fear of being misunderstood,Zhang Junmi quickly explained:“I recorded a show with the fake court,Then I knew he had this habit。”</p>
Su Luo nodded suddenly,Smile in my heart。The two of them relaxed。</p>
Su Luo took the two and ran a circle around the village road,I thought the two of them could not hold on,I didn’t expect my complexion to change。</p>
And Zhang Junmi and Chen Puppet were equally surprised,This guy is physically strong,So the three of them worked hard,See who can’t hold on first。</p>
When running the second lap around the village,Zhang Junmi can’t hold on,She runs about five kilometers in the morning。</p>