2015 NBA Finals Second World War Report-Cavaliers overtime beat the Warriors total score 1-1_1

2015 NBA Finals Second World War Report-Cavaliers overtime win the Warriors total score 1-1
On June 8th, Beijing time, the Cavaliers won a game away, and after a 95-93 victory over the Warriors in overtime, the total score was 1-1.  LeBron James made a triple-double, scoring 39 points, 16 rebounds and 11 assists, the Cavaliers grabbed home advantage.Timofey Mozgov scored 17 points and 11 rebounds. Matthews Delavedova made two key free throws and scored 9 points and 5 rebounds.JR Smith, who came off the bench, scored 13 points.  The Warriors Splash Brothers only had Klay Thompson to win the game, scoring 34 points, but made 4 of 12 3-pointers.Stephen Curry malfunctioned, making 2 of 15 3-pointers, scoring 19 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists.Harrison Barnes had 11 points and Drummond Green had 10 points and 10 rebounds.James made a free throw victory to Zhan Huang crazy to celebrate the Warriors made 8 of 35 three-pointers, 45-55 rebounds at a disadvantage.  The finals turned out to be a contest between James and Irving and the Splash Brothers, but now, it seems that James has become the one against the Warriors.  In the first game of the Finals, the Cavaliers played flat, James scored 44 points, but they still lost to the Warriors.Only one of the substitute players was wonderful and lost to the Warriors.  James went all out, but teammate Kyrie Irving was injured in overtime and the entire finals can no longer be played.The Cavaliers left only James alone.  Fortunately, this time, the teammates are still awesome, and the Cavaliers grab the home advantage, which is also worthwhile.  After the opening, the Cavaliers were mediocre, James missed two shots, and there was another mistake, the Warriors started 4-0.James still insisted on playing hard, and then made two consecutive shots to pull the score to 6-6.The Splash Brothers were only in good condition with Thompson. They made four consecutive field goals. When there were 7 minutes and 43 seconds in the first quarter, he succeeded in shooting and the Warriors led 11-6.However, Thompson quickly ate two fouls and had to rest early.After Thompson left the field, the Warriors can still maintain an advantage. With 3 minutes and 12 seconds left in this section, Barbosa hit a three-pointer and they led 20-12.However, the Warriors missed consecutive shots and replaced another game for the remainder of the quarter.James succeeded twice. After the Cavaliers played 8-0, the two sides fought 20-20 in the first quarter.Curry made only 1 of 6 shots in this quarter.  Thompson returned to the field in the second quarter, still maintaining a fiery feel.The first shot in this section, he hit a three-pointer, after one person scored 5 points, the Warriors played 7-0, leading 27-22.James also scored a three-pointer, after which he scored, Jones also hit a three-pointer.The teammates finally came forward. With 5 minutes and 17 seconds left in this section, Jones scored another three points, and Mozgov also hit the hook. James was the passer.After completing the 18-6 attack wave, the Cavaliers exceeded 40-33.Curry still found his feeling there. With 2 minutes and 23 seconds left in this quarter, he finally hit a three-pointer, which was his only three-pointer in the first half.The two sides started a tug of war. At the end of the half, the Cavaliers led 47-45.  1 minute before the third quarter, the two teams each scored a goal, but 4 minutes thereafter, only Curry made a goal.The Cavaliers grabbed offensive rebounds in a row, but they all replaced some.With 6 minutes and 52 seconds remaining in this section, Mozgov finally hit the shot, which was their first appearance in 5 minutes.Mozgov gradually found the feeling of free throws, and then made four free throws.With 4 minutes and 35 seconds left in this section, James also made two free throws and the Cavaliers led 57-51.Thompson also scored three points, and the Warriors narrowed the gap to three points several times.In the last attack of this quarter, Green made a fast break after stealing, but Speights, who had an outstanding performance in the last game, missed the dunk. After the Cavaliers grabbed the rebound, the two sides were in a mess and even the referee tripped. The Cavaliers lost the attack.Time, ending the first three quarters with 62-59.  The Cavaliers control the rhythm very well. The Warriors only scored 59 points in the first three quarters.After the beginning of the fourth quarter, they continued to slow down the pace, even if there were consecutive violations for 24 seconds.  Thompson hit a three-pointer at the beginning of the fourth quarter to equalize the score, but this night, their three-pointer was not outstanding.Delaware’s consecutive shots are still in color. James hit a three-pointer. After the Cavaliers played a wave of 9-2, the Cavaliers led 74-64 with 8 minutes and 21 seconds in this section.  The Warriors only scored one goal after playing for 4 minutes in this quarter. Under the deliberate suppression of the Cavaliers, the rhythm on the field was very slow, which was obviously unfavorable to the Warriors.The Warriors found the feeling by three points, while the Cavaliers began to bloom inside and out. Smith and Delaware made three consecutive hits. When there were 5 minutes in this quarter, the Cavaliers had a two-digit advantage with 79-68.  The leading knight is slowing down.With 3 minutes and 50 seconds left in this section, James was severely hit in the face when shooting, and only made two free throws.However, the Warriors missed a three-pointer, James controlled the time, 24 seconds will be shot, hit a three-pointer, there are 3 minutes and 14 seconds in this section, they again achieved a double-digit advantage with 83-72.  The Warriors began to use the Thompson hacking strategy and achieved good results.With 2 minutes and 57 seconds left in this section, Thompson made two free throws and Curry made a three-pointer.Thompson still made two free throws since then, and Curry made two free throws. Thompson made a layup. With 2 minutes and 01 seconds left in regular time, the Warriors only trailed 82-85.  JR-Smith was confused at the crucial moment.With 1 minute and 23 seconds left in this section, Barnes jumped and dunked. Smith had lost his position, but he still fouled and the result was a free throw.Barnes scored 3 points in a row with a penalty and the Warriors only trailed 85-87.  The advantage of the two numbers of the knight is lost, and the two sides enter the stage of life and death.After the two teams missed shots one after another, De La Vidova grabbed a rebound while lying on the floor and had 38 in the game.At 8 seconds, they called a timeout.Chambord missed three points and Curry controlled the Warriors’ final attack.He was strictly guarded outside the three-point line, but there was a chance inside. After Curry easily broke through, almost no one was defending and he made a light layup. With 8 seconds left in this quarter, the two sides battled 87-87.  The game is exactly the same as the previous one.The Cavaliers had a chance to end the game at regular time, but James missed a shot after the breakthrough. Thompson grabbed an offensive rebound and made up the basket. The two teams entered overtime again.  The Cavaliers still control the rhythm in overtime.Both teams played for 1 minute and participated in a game. When there were 3 minutes and 47 seconds left, James scored a goal and Shampert made a three-pointer.The Warriors wanted to make a three-pointer, but Thompson hit it instead.James then grabbed an offensive rebound, resulting in a foul, and made two free throws. With 3 minutes and 17 seconds left, James made two free throws and the Cavaliers led 92-87.  The Warriors counterattacked wildly, Green made two layups, and the referee’s penalty was also beneficial to the Warriors.There are 29 games left.At 5 seconds, after Curry made two free throws, the Warriors overtook 93-92.  There are 10 more games.At 1 second, De La Vidova grabbed an offensive rebound and caused a foul when making a layup. He made two free throws and the Cavaliers led 94-93.  The Warriors still have a chance to make a final attack, but under the strict defense of Delaware, Curry throws three.The Warriors had to foul, James made two free throws, and Shampert succeeded in stealing at the last minute to secure the victory for the Cavaliers.(Angkor)