If his expression is seen by someone familiar,Will be surprised,Do you think you are misunderstanding?

Director Xin Changkong,Why are you so afraid?
Xin Changkong with thousands of thoughts in his heart,Is actually afraid。
He was afraid he knocked on the door,Will get results that I don’t want to see。
He is even more afraid of such a rash visit,Will make Wang Qing think of the sad things in the past。
This house is the house of Xin Changkong’s ex-girlfriend Wang Qing。
Wang Qing who moved twice in a row,No outsider knows her home address anymore。
Xin Changkong has spent a lot of effort,From a cousin of Wang Qing,Got this address。
The price he paid was to put this cousin into a crew,Gave her a character who showed her face and had a line。
Such a role is not available to ordinary people。
Even the students of the Film and Television Academy,It’s impossible to get it the first time you come to acting。
Only those who have had some acting experience,And it’s still a bit related,Like senior、Actors with acquaintances who have the right to speak in the crew,Just like this。
So you know?
In the TV series you see on weekdays,Even an actor with only one line,People are not simple。
Come back。
Although as early as a week ago,Xin Changkong knew Wang Qing’s address,But he struggled at home for a week,Have no guts to come。