Peng Changyi sitting on the bench,Lean back against the bed,The moment you put your feet in the water,I closed my eyes involuntarily,Took a breath。At this moment,The daughter covered his eyes from behind,Peng Changyi took his daughter’s little hand,Put it in your mouth and pretend to bite,The scared daughter quickly withdrew her hand,Climb back into the bed。

Peng Changyi shook his head,Forcibly drive Ding Yi out of my mind,He suddenly felt sorry for his wife and daughter,Thinking of another woman at home。
Shen Fang is here,Said:“Mom said that she should enroll Nana for a kindergarten interest class in advance,Develop her interest in kindergarten,Save her crying when she enters the kindergarten。”
Peng Changyi really wants to say that these trivial things still need your mother to say,You should think of it?But he can’t tell。
Because to daughter,Shen Fang is more worried than him,Even though she dislikes her talking about her mother,But mother-in-law sometimes makes a lot of sense,Just said:“What to learn in the interest class?”
“Draw,Mom said that drawing is good for her to concentrate,It will be helpful to study in the future。”
Peng Changyi’s eyes lit up,Said:“Come down and see if there is a calligraphy class?”
“Calligraphy is too young,Let’s paint,Children are more likely to draw。”
Peng Changyi won’t say anything,It’s true,Nana is too young,Don’t know how to take a pen yet。Say again,Maybe there is no calligraphy class for young children in Kangzhou,No more teeny lower-case calligraphy classes。
Peng Changyi has nothing to say:“Her grandma was here?”
“Where,I just picked up Nana,Her brother-in-law called,Said the old two quarreled again,I do not want to go,But you said you can’t go home for dinner,I took Nana,Persuaded for a long time,Finally done。”Shen Fang said。
Peng Changyi dare not ask why the quarrel,Knowing that when she asks Shen Fang, she will open the chatterbox for endless narration.,He quickly said:“I’ll take Nana to the bookstore tomorrow,See if there are any books of interest in painting。”
Nana listened,Leaned in front of father again,Said:“father,We are going to the bookstore,Great。”