“just kidding,money is not the problem,But it must be a good song,You do not know,Those bad guys in the college,In front of my mother all day long。

I think I can sing and dance,Just look down on our musical instruments,Actually my voice is also very strong,listen,Does it sound nice……”
indeed,Qin Xiaomi’s tone is very good,Lin Dong nodded,Asked:“You are also from the conservatory?”
“Ok,Piano and violin。”
“Oh,it is good,I will write you a song in these two days,The price waits after you watch the song,Say again。”
“Thanks,Handsome guy。”
“Let’s go,Very late……”
“it is good,Not far。”
Qin Xiaomi starts again,The car does not drive very fast,She suddenly remembered that Lin Dong wanted to rent a house,Her little villa is empty anyway,Let Lin Dong if you want?
She doesn’t care about the rent,The key is that she has a good impression of Lin Dong。
Masculine and handsome,A touch of wild and unruly,But very simple and simple,From the bottom of society,But what is revealed is the indifferent casualness。
No vignette,No inferiority complex,Instead, he has a fascinating and powerful confidence。
unconsciously,Qin Xiaomi doesn’t know,She has been attracted by Lin Dong。
Especially just now,Lin Dong is the singer A Dong,It made her more and more curious about Lin Dong,I want to know this person more and more。
Not long,The car went to a villa area,Through the gate,Quickly stopped in front of a small villa。
But Lin Dong was surprised,It really is Bai Fumei!
Whatever is the villa,It’s damn empty and no one lives,Waste!
Lawn lamp in front of the door,Map out the quiet environment here,In the night,Beautiful。
Got out of the car,Qin Xiaomi took out the key and opened the door,Walked in,And turned on the light,In a flash,The first floor of the villa is brightly lit。
“You sleep in the downstairs room,There is a bathroom in the room,Bathroom closet,There are new toiletries,Do it yourself。