But his performance is not as good as from76Peyton,Plus there are Oladipo and Fournier in front,So his average playing time is not as high as Peyton.

Little Tim·Hardaway patted Xu Xuan on the shoulder and said with a smile:“Your hard dish is here.”
“Hard dish?”Xu Xuan smiled and shook his head:“I can’t see how hard they are.”
He probably understands what the Magic mean,In the game just now,Little Payton is undoubtedly at a disadvantage,And they are naturally unconvinced,Tenth in the first round but not the second round,Unreasonable!
So they are on two now!
I can’t beat you tenth in the first round,Let’s add a Chuan Tong head office?
however.The facts have exceeded many people’s expectations。
After joining the two rookie combinations, the Magic situation is even worse than before。
Peyton collapsed just now,And now the whole team collapsed together.
Strictly speaking,Gordon is just a buckler now。
Season start to date,He averaged only1.2Outside shot,The others are basically scored by dunking。
His offense is also very simple,Dunk with the ball。
However, dunking is very difficult to complete in a formal game.,Unless you counterattack fast down or switch between marches,Otherwise, where’s your chance of dunking?
Magic lost.