He also has to get some relevant information from the other side.。

For example, Taro’s drop。
There is also an intelligence about the holy teaching。
Suddenly,Summer picking your eyebrows,Faceful。
Just now a series of heavy hits,Duke’s head blood flow,The facility is also the same……But in the summer, I missed a harmony.。
He started,And behind,Look carefully。
Spin……Touch a few times after Duke Ear,A tear。
A mask that is thin, a crypt transparent, appears in the summer palm。
“Not Duke?”
Summer first is a mask in your hands.,Refers to the Tenta who exposes http://www.0733shw.cn the true face,Can’t help but sink。
Such a scene,Under thinking inertia,Let the summer understand the conclusion。
Let people pretend to have their own attention,And I took the opportunity to escape.……Similar case,He met more than once。
“Where is Duk?!”
He slowly,Dark scorpion stares each other。
Tener opened his eyes,Hard to stare at the summer,Eye god is like a ghost。
He cruel,Spit a bloody,Subsequent,Poster a pair of death。
Summer language is plain,“I want you to know my identity.,So it should be clear,In my hands,You can’t keep any secrets。”
Turner still does not speak。
Summer is not nonsense,Re-seize his ankle,Drag into the hall of the old building like a dragging dog。
After a moment,A few screams came in the hall,Then, it is constantly pouring the sound of the air.。http://www.jvshang.cn
A moment,Summer walks out of the hall,Recompass。
Turner’s bones are very hard,But I can’t hold three major criminal laws in summer.。
I didn’t have anything to say even for three minutes.。
It’s just that summer is not satisfied.。
His indeed guess,Not really Duke escape,Instead, Duke has already been killed.。
Turner’s identity,It is also true of the gods.。
It is very simple purpose。
Want to make angels become the hero of the year,Finally become a hegemonic force。
This is all intelligence。
About the sacred,About Tarope,Turner does not know。
Summer is not a dead brain,Very easy to speculate……I am afraid that Taro is really running.。
However, he still decided to stay in Bacue for a few days.。
Maybe the Red White Alliance will surprise yourself.。
……Factual prove。
Summer is not http://www.kangliex.cn waiting for surprises。