now,He can’t go back.,Therefore, Wang Yong came to the only wish to find the truth.,Help brothers avenge。)

【Due to difficulty three stars】
【award《Seven zero eight》/Brave the body;Remember,Don’t lose any parts of your body】
Lin Yong curiously looked through the booklet。
The more you look, the more you feel that it is a secret。
Show this operation,Can put your own head,arm,leg,and many more……,All taken down。
Lin loses will be nearly one half-time.。
As the brochure disappears from the hand,He is so long。
Study this《Seven zero eight》It is the longest when he uses it.。
Because this kind of surgery can’t be slight。
Lin rang again from http://www.gps116.cnthe head from the neck.;Due to the beginning of learning,Just picking up your own head.。
The head that protects the neck activity activities just wounded,not bad,Nothing feeling。
Next, I will help Wang Yonglai seam head.,I have a whole body when he is buried.。
Find the needle line from the cabinet。
Lin rang Wang Yonglai’s head,Start to start。
About half an hour,Sewing。
Forest ends and opens the door of the mirror room。
I saw Yao Yuardian and Deng Yuard, who was staring at the iron plate.。
“A handkerchief,A woman’s,I suggest it to leave him。”
“I didn’t expect to be a bandit that Wei Hao Hero or a feeling.,Leave him!”
Lin Wan is holding the chest of the handkerchief。
Lift the brother,Rack,Just went to Yizhuang Gate。
Lin ran them:
“This person is also a hero,Two help him prepare your mouth, Establish a wordless。”
Lin rang to take a spindle gold to put it in the big brother of the brothers.。
“You are a great person,rest assured。Make sense。”
Delivering the corpse brothers,Lin ring back to Yizhuang,I saw Xiao Fengxian, sitting in the sun under the sun.。
How can she lose??After knowing Xiao Fengxian,I have never seen her this look.。
I didn’t see anything.。
I have passed from her eyes.,Xiao Fengxian reached out of the clothes of the forest。
“I’m wrong。”
“I shouldn’t sell the house of the Lu Ming Academy later.。”