They don’t doubt Shen Huan’s strength,But worried that he can’t perform。

After the kick-off,Is the Lakers possession。
According to Kobe’s previous orders,Ryan Kelly passed the ball to Shen Huan the first time。
Shen Huan unceremoniously rushed to the opponent’s half with the ball。
It was Terence Jones who intercepted Shen Huan,body weight114kg、height206Cm of him,It’s like a big wall compared to Shen Huan,Firmly sealed Shen Huan’s forward path。
But Shen Huan pulled the ball forward,And then take a turn,Rushed through his defense cleanly。
And what Terrence Jones can do,Just go around,Then I found out that I had lost my opponent before my eyes。
Because Shen Huan’s speed is so fast,The Rockets now only have Howard at the basket.。
The reason why Warcraft did not end,It’s because he was mostly defensive all the time.,Hone your feeling under the basket,Didn’t take much effort。
Now the benches are on the field,He doesn’t have to participate in the offense,Focus on defense。
See Shen Huan kill,Howard is not worried at all。
Although he is no longer a beast in his prime,But for a height185Cm,Weight even90A short and thin player who has no kilograms,That’s more than enough。
Seeing Shen Huan rushing into the free throw line, he jumped,Howard snorted,Then jumped up,Big hand wave,He slapped the blue ball in Shen Huan’s hand hard。
In Howard’s view,Apart from being blocked, Shen Huan,I’ll be hit by myself。