Luo Yilin, who was born in the south and grew up in the south, rarely sees such heavy snow,Some excited wearing little leather boots kept stepping on the thick snow on the ground,Make a squeak。

Mo Xiaosheng looked at her excited face like a child,Unspeakable tenderness in my heart。
At this time Qiao Yiyi just finished the meeting,Walk out quickly from the logistics building at the back of the hospital。
Because she was just promoted to assistant director,Some materials need to be sorted out after the meeting,So I came out late,The road is deserted,The street lamp was shining faintly,Although the brightly lit hospital building is not far away,But she still panic,Can’t help speeding up。
“Anihasa,Assistant Jiang……”
At this moment, a man’s low voice suddenly came from behind Qiao Yiyi,He first followed a fluent Korean sentence,Followed by a somewhat blunt Chinese sentence。
From the appearance,He does look like a pure Korean,tall and big,Looks very handsome,Quite a few of the heroes in Korean dramas。
Qiao Yiyi glanced back at him,Disgust flashed in his eyes,Never stop,Still walk out quickly。
The man entangled her when the meeting was over just now,Otherwise she might come out earlier。
“Assistant Joe,please wait!”
The man saw Qiao Yiyi’s feet not stopping,Rushed up immediately,Stretched out his hand to Joey。
“what are you doing?”Qiao Yiyi gave him a cold look。
“I did not understand the content of a meeting,I want you to help explain!”The Korean man immediately showed a smile at Joey that he thought he could fascinate thousands of girls。
“If you don’t know what to say tomorrow!”
Qiao Yiyi glanced at him coldly,Feel he is an idiot,Then turned around and walked quickly,It’s so dark here now,No one yet,She doesn’t want to stay too long。