So many years,What makes her feel warmest,Except her mother,Mo Xiaoshengwai,It’s Joey,Zhuge Lingyu,Treat her like a family member。

This is one of the reasons why she is reluctant to leave here。
“time to eat,The dumplings are coming!Dead old man,Don’t get off!”
At this time Zhuge Lingyu came out carrying dumplings,Scolded Mo Wenxing。
“immediately,immediately。”Mo Wenxing pushed the reading glasses,Slap,“eat!”
Luo Yilin felt this scene and laughed,Tears of laughter came out,This feeling of home,She hasn’t experienced it for a long time。
The next evening,The entrance of Shambhala Hotel,Wei Henghe Yizhong**The officials were already waiting at the door。
Not long,A luxurious Rolls Royce Phantom drove over surrounded by several black cars,After the Rolls-Royce driver got down, he quickly opened the door,Put your hand on the car window。
Then Guo Yuansheng in a suit and leather shoes got out of the car。
“Damn,Mr. Guo,Mr. Guo,Welcome to Heyang again!”
Wei Heng quickly greeted him with a smile,This is the leader who made Heyang’s economy take off,He naturally had to be polite。
“Secretary Wei,Hello,Congratulations on your transfer to Hayang,I believe that under your leadership,Heyang’s tomorrow is bound to be more brilliant!”Guo Yuansheng shook Wei Heng’s hand and said something polite,Then I glanced around,Seeing Mo Xiaosheng’s absence,Surprised,“Secretary Wei,Where is Mr. Mo?Haven’t come yet?”
When Wei Heng heard that Guo Yuansheng got off the car, he went to Mo Xiaosheng,Feel a little unhappy,Mo Xiaosheng?What is Mo Xiaosheng?!
But the face is still smiling,Hurriedly reached out and made a please gesture,Said,“Mr. Guo,Advanced Hotel,Let’s talk about entering the hotel!”
After arriving at the banquet hall,,Guo Yuansheng didn’t drink any water,Glanced at the watch,Can’t help but ask,“Secretary Wei,When will Mr. Mo come??”
“Mr. Guo,Don’t worry about mentioning Mr. Mo,Come,Drink water first,Sip。”Wei Heng quickly poured a glass of water for Guo Yuansheng,Then beckon to the service eye,Motion them to serve。
“Hey,Secretary Wei,Mr. Mo hasn’t come yet,Why is this served??”Guo Yuansheng frowned,Somewhat unhappy,In his heart,Mo Xiaosheng is his most respected existence,Naturally Demo Xiaosheng came to serve。