When Qin Liang can’t wait to see the two women,Suddenly found out that they are no longer in bed,Qin Liang had to continue adjusting the angle of the lens。
“sister,I said what pajamas should I wear later。”
“Let me see for you。”
It sounds like these two girls are in the closet。
Qin Liang quickly adjusted to the closet。
Finally,Qin Liang adjusted the angle to the wardrobe,There are no two people,Only see an open wardrobe door。
Chapter Twenty Nine Exciting moment
I rub,People?Qin Liang is strange,Are these two in front of the closet?,Qin Liang observes carefully,I saw the four white feet behind the door。
Became,It was blocked by the closet door。
come out faster,Show me enough!Haha。
The wretched laugh in Qin Liang’s heart,When I think of waiting, I can see the body of Sister Shen Ruoxi……Qin Liang is full of expectations,The saliva fell unknowingly。
“Ruoxue,What do you think of this。”
“Haha,it is good!Let me try。”
Qin Liang saw two pairs of feet move,He lifted his heart to his throat。