In the mall,Several girls are curiously watching a newly launched electric toy car,Suddenly Li Qiaoer sneezed twice inexplicably,Then Li Yaxin immediately sneezed twice!

“What are you two doing?What’s the situation?Allergic to this toy car?”
Liu Xiaoyun wondered。
“I do not know either!I suddenly feel itchy in my nose……”
Li Qiaoer’s embarrassed explanation,Li Yaxin just blushed,Didn’t say anything。
“Why is my nose not itchy?”
Liu Xiaoyun is still wondering,Then I looked at Shen Ruoxue。
“What am i doing?I didn’t sneeze。”
Shen Ruoxue answered carelessly。
“You girl!Why is my temper getting bigger and bigger?I can’t even look at you now?”
Liu Xiaoyun asked provocatively。
“No way!Why do you want to see it??After I agree, you just watch?Did you buy the ticket??”
Shen Ruoxue was also rude and provoked Liu Xiaoyun……
“Small,See if you still use it with your consent?Buy tickets?You think too much, you?It depends on you,Not just watch now,When I go home to sleep at night,Take your clothes off,how?”
Liu Xiaoyun is even more sad now。