“Screw you!”

Shen Ruoxue immediately reached out and hugged Liu Xiaoyun tightly,As if she was afraid she would run away……
“Haha,Ben Niu,How could i go?I just want you to hold me tight,Hey Hey……”
Liu Xiaoyun said proudly。
Qin Liang’s heart started to itch,He feels holding Liu Xiaoyun’s work tightly,Actually it should be done by yourself!But he didn’t dare to provoke Liu Xiaoyun again,Molested the two little princesses of the Shen family at the same time,That’s the rhythm of my own death,He is not stupid!
“Badass,Scared to death by you!”
Shen Ruoxue said angrily,Then he slapped Liu Xiaoyun on the ass,Playing pretty hard!
“You hit me!People don’t want it……”
Liu Xiaoyun played coquettishly!Just now I told her to learn to speak coquettishly like Shen Ruoxue,She is starting to learn and use!
Qin Liang immediately began to swallow……
“Brother-in-law,I already spanked her for you。”
Shen Ruoxue took the opportunity to change the topic Qin Liang wanted to hug her,This girl is actually quite clever,I just don’t bother to use my brain。
“Don’t you count,Brother-in-law wants to fight by himself。”