Chen Linzhi affected many things,But natural disasters are obviously not controlled,Gao Bo, call to ask for donation,He immediately decided to donate six million yuan,Also purchasing a group of rescue materials,Tent、life jacket、Rubber boat, etc.。

AlmostM·O·MThe book cash of the chain clothing company is hollowed out,Chen Linzhi did not feel distressed,Turn and start thinking about another thing。
If you don’t make a mistake,There will be a flood in the millennium,The calculation time is also a few years later.,There is also an earthquake、Tsunami, etc.,So I want to come to Chen Linzhi suddenly discovered,It seems that you can do it, you can make money through memory.,Can also help many people。
For example, a few years later,Let Chen Linzhi remember“One bridge flying north and south,Tiandi change.Almost Xijiang Stone Wall,Wushan cloud rain,Gaoxia outlets”Three Gorges Dam,This dam is not only a huge power generation.,Be more“Fixed sea”Role,Artificial regulation Yangtze River flow。
It is rare to have such a strong interest in the infrastructure field.,I have always advised him to invest in the airport.、Investment highway and pier,Chen Linzhi is not interested。
However, the Three Gorges Dam is different.,It is not only possible to continue to contribute to profits,Also have the opportunity to let him take the opportunity,Do things,Two。
The flood news is constantly aggregating to him.,Take a short thinking in Los Angeles for two days,Chen Linzhi finally decided,Special way to make Gao Bo learn to go to the north,Looking for someone to talk about investing in building a Three Gorges Dam。
According to Chen Linzhi’s initial news,About the construction idea of the Three Gorges Dam has been discussion,Just involve a number of people’s placement,The expenditure is too large。
Personal placement is not a problem,The people on the other side have unparalleled,The key to the problem is funding and technology。
This time,Chen Linzhi’s sincerity is about $ 5 billion.,He hopes to start working as soon as possible,Considering that this dam is likely to have a hundred years,In his opinion, it is also a robust investment project.,Since it involves investment,Don’t worry about Washington, some people will take this article.,Funds can raise from 本,This real estate bubble collapse has begun,And there is no need to enter the dam’s funds.,Step during the construction period,There is no impact on his plan.。
I thought this idea,Still need a long walking process,Let him not expect it, just three days in the North.,Get a reply,And some people express my gratitude.……
“Means of,I agree to the Three Gorges Dam Project so soon.?How do you talk to them?,It’s not thinking that I am a pure donation.,Distinguished things, you mentioned?”
Chen Linzhi sits in the office in the company headquarters,He just returned to San Francisco two days ago.,At this moment, I am talking with Gao Bo.。
May involve a large project of $ 5 billion,Even if he is also biting his teeth,Be“One dam raise three generations”The foreground temptation is determined,Delegate high-enforcement,Replace him to negotiate。
If communication is communicated,Investment becomes a donation,Even if he also hurts the tendon,Make a two or three years。
Because the semiconductor project invests too large,Until now, I have already joined it to nearly 60 billion dollars.,Almost the nine-centered gains of this year’s empty 本 进 进,Extra other projects are working,If it is not a batch of Three Gorges Dam,Chen Linzhi really does not necessarily dare to move this idea。
After hearing Gao Bo,Tell the call on the phone:
“Such thing,How can I not mention?,I have said according to what you mean.,You can take out 40% to 50% of the construction funds.,Enjoy the right red,Just open the company。According to the news I got,In this century, I have repeatedly visited from the 1930s.,In the early years, there are American want to build this hydropower station.,The Three Gorges Project Review Committee has been established.,But the time is not mature,So the project is nothing to do with you.,Due to recent floods,Originally, I repeatedly discussed the construction of the Three Gorges Dam.,I have heard that you are willing to pay the joint venture.,The fund pressure is reduced,I am in listening around,The nearest voice is built.,Early burst better than night。”
“Then,This project is very important,You are helping me。”
I didn’t have Chen Linzhi in the past.,The Three Gorges Dam will not be built.,This project is profitable,Economic benefits are also very considerable,This time he is a matter of,Help and investment,Never delay on both sides。
Gao Bao continued:
“Boss you mean,I have already conveyed,However, this project has a lot of costs.,An expert told me that it is estimated at one hundred billion yuan or more,More than 200 million yuan,You have determined that you can get the return?The online electricity price of Shanghai City is only a year of money.,How much electricity is available here?,I want to see that it is not as good as tossing.,So big, even if you save the bank,Interest may be cost-effective than investment dam,It is said that it is discoval to make electricity bills,Raise money to build a dam?,The solution can not be difficult to say,At least more than ten years。”
“One thousand watches?Is it a bit low?。”
Chen Linzhi touched the Pakistan,I haven’t shaved these days.,Hu Zhu is a bit。
In fact, he is doing a decision.,Not too many research,I only know that the net electricity price will get higher and higher.,In videos also remembers that almost all of the investment dams have earned money.,And the Three Gorges Dam is quite money。
First do not pay for the benefit of the country,Chen Linzhi felt like an opportunity,When the deposit, you can enjoy a period of a hundred years of dividend.。
So Gao Bo is not optimistic,I didn’t scare Chen Linzhi.,He is not invested in investment,But in the future。
I know that I am preparing to raise funds through the increase in electricity.,Chen Linzhi felt that he successfully grasped and,Continue to ask:“You said more than a thousand billion,Is it place a person?、The land acquisition is still in it.,According to the reason, these overheads should be not too big to follow me.。If calculated,Doesn’t it mean that I may only share?25about?”
“……not sure,I haven’t discussed that step,I am busy looking for experts in water conservancy and engineering experts.,After receiving your news, immediately rushed to the north.,Nothing,After the fertile, I will help you ask you again.?Honestly, now I am still sorry.,I am afraid that you will wait for the progress to tell you.,The specific problem has not been discussed yet.。”
How to listen to the high opinion,He is a grilled that Chen Linzhi is baked by Chen Linzhi.,Unlike other business investments,The Three Gorges Dam Project involves both square faces,In recent days, Gao Bo is busy to the foot.。
Mainly blame Chen Linzhi to take a head to make a decision,Just say to invest in the Three Gorges Dam,Other tasks are habitually be responsible for high pros learning.,Light look at the investment volume makes high enforcement feels hot,The news of $ 5 billion in investment,Many people want to find high-priced learning details,High enforcement,I don’t dare to take my mind for Chen Linzhi.。
Hearing the distress of Gao Bo,Chen Linzhi still calm,Supplement:“Um,You ask clearly,Is it possible to work?,How many shares can you give me up?,Project itself’s investment part,How much is I?,Part of the part involving the demolition must also discuss,That is to take the opportunity to solve people’s livelihood projects.,According to the total investment, I will definitely suffer.。”
High enforcement self-recognition capacity,At this time, I tried it.:“Otherwise, Chen always takes the same person.?This kind of project is given to me.,I really have a pressure.。”
“Let you help me first,I don’t let you take my mind.,This kind of project is practical,Do not discuss it is certain for more than half a year.,My Shanghai-City Chemical Factory Project has not shown it now.,You help me in the way,There is news, please inform me.。”