The answer to the breakthrough movement skills isNBAAre second to none in history!

And the combination of the two is a combination of strength body and speed skills!
Perfect match!
First87chapter Big ones don’t necessarily last
But this matter cannot be rushed for a while,The most important thing in front of Xu Xuan is still the advancement of talent!
This is his root!
But came so long,Still nothing happened.Won’t run away?
Xu Xuan muttered in his heart,The action of his subordinates kept moving the basketball across a high arc in the air,Fell into the basket crisply。
Hollow into the network!
Although there is no movement on the talent side,But Xu Xuan never left the training,But work harder than before。
once、twice、three times.Xu Xuan threw 20 goals in a row,Just take a break。
Then catch my breath and continue to throw!
Xu Xuan shot quickly,Throw the ball,Turn head、Get the ball、Shot,I only have time to look at the basket.Without any extra action!
Xu Xuan remembers that Curry once said:“I want to keep training,Until you shoot so fast,Make people feel uncomfortable,So in the game,Other things seem to slow down。”
Xu Xuan must not reach his level now,But it doesn’t mean he can’t work hard in that direction!
Xu Xuan also deliberately extended the shooting distance,Half a step away from the three-point line!
But at this distance, Xu Xuan’s hit rate began to drop,So far away,No matter the angle of shot、Strength needs adjustment。
Curry this animal used to be at halftimeLOGOThree points ahead of the zone8in5!