“Not bad,And only a lot more!”

Sasaki sighed and said,Frowning,Obviously, the expert team of the Li Group’s bioengineering project is very disinterested,“I can recognize some of them,Very few,All are unknown experts and scholars in the world,How can you expect him to bring you great progress?!”
“That’s why I invited you here!”
Nangong Yunxi hurriedly pleased with a smile,“You must give our project a hand!Cooperate with us,I promise that your benefits are indispensable!”
“We have the Oriental Association to cooperate with you,Realize data sharing,If you cooperate with the subject,You must develop very quickly,Should be able to catch up to the forefront of the world in less than three years!”
Sasaki nodded,Said in a somewhat arrogant tone。
Li Qianhui’s eyes suddenly lit up when he heard this,Excited,Three years and ten years,But there is a huge gap,And Sasaki said three years,To catch up to the forefront of the world level!
Nangong Yunxi is also full of excitement,Hurriedly:“Then I would like to thank Sasakikai……”
“President Nangong,I’m just explaining a possibility,I didn’t say to promise you!”
Sasaki Yuyu said。
Nangong Yunxi and Li Qianhui’s expressions sank upon hearing this.,The previous excitement was wiped out。
But Mo Xiaosheng’s face is indifferent,Looking at Sasaki and squinting,I know that Sasaki didn’t hold any good farts,Speak directly:“Brother Li,Since Mr. Sasaki is not willing to cooperate with us,Then forget it!Let’s not make it harder!”
“I didn’t say that we must not cooperate!”
Sasaki looked anxious after hearing this.,Glared at Mo Xiaosheng,Turned his head and said to Li Qianhui,“But if this project wants to benefit,And give us the same amount of return,May take a long time,We can’t wait,But if you agree to give us some shares,We are willing to help you for free!”