Soon Liu Xiaoyun was pushed into the operating room by the nurse and began emergency rescue。

Qin Liang sat weakly on the ground outside the operating room,Shen Ruoxi,Shen Ruoxue,Yang Shiyun looked at him silently without speaking,The atmosphere dropped to freezing point for a while,Everyone knows that Qin Liang is most worried at this time,I don’t know how to comfort them。
“Boss……She will be able to survive,She is so strong……”
Yang Zhi walked to Qin Liang’s side,Squat down and reach out to hold his shoulders,comfort him。
“Blame me……I didn’t protect her……”
Qin Liang blames himself deeply,If he reacted quickly,If he finds out in advance,If he discovers explosives in advance,If he is more careful……Xiaoyun might be fine。
Soon a female doctor ran out of the operating room,Hurriedly asked;“Who is the patient’s family?Are the family members there??”
“I’m!We are all!What’s up with her?You say。”
Qin Liang immediately jumped from the ground,Stand in front of the female nurse and say loudly。
“I’m afraid the patient……”
The female doctor was scared by Qin Liang covered in blood and took a step backwards,Said nervously。
“I’m afraid what?I have a hasty!If you can’t save her,Lao Tzu……”
Qin Liangmeng drew his gun out of control suddenly。
“Boss,Calm down!”
Yang Zhi immediately rushed to hug Qin Liang。
“Sorry,Comrade Doctor,This is Yang Shiyun, the head of the Criminal Police Brigade of Haishang City Public Security Bureau,The little girl inside,Is a very good fighter,She was just in the process of fighting with a gang of gangsters,In order to cover his comrades in arms,Seriously injured,Please try to save her anyway!”