My mother has always wanted to come to the capital to see the gates and the remains of great men,I want to climb the Great Wall to visit the Forbidden City。

But for various reasons,Never made it!
This time came to Beijing,I can realize the wishes I owe before!
I used to go to university in Beijing for four years,Still worked here for a year。
Later returned to Haicheng as a regional manager,I was the vice president of the company when I left!
I studied electromechanical,Is engaged in the building materials industry。
Go around,Back to where I left off!
It can only be said that by mistake,Life has its own arrangements……
It’s night when we leave,It’s morning now!
Because I slept twice on the road,My mother and I don’t mean tired or tired。
I found a restaurant on the roadside and had breakfast,Just drive to the Great Wall,Stop by to see the Ming Tombs on the return trip。
I have a high school classmate who works in Taiping District near the Ming Tombs,Not married yet,Is an old bachelor!
Chapter 22 I have a baby
He has a weird temper,Not much contact with others,He has always maintained a good relationship with me。
I actually look extroverted but introverted,He is truly introverted,Just like Chen Xin。
Like things together。
We are all like people,So we can get along well!
On the road,I called my roommate Gao Qiang。