Chapter One Hundred Seven Danger
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“what,Brother-in-law,You lied to me again!No way,I want to punish you for teaching me horse riding!”Shen Ruoxue pursed her mouth,Said angrily。
“Ha ha,Of course no problem。”Qin Liang smiled,Although riding a horse is not so easy to learn,But he doesn’t have to teach Shen Ruoxue,Just let her ride,Just take two steps slowly。
Seeing Qin Liang’s superb equestrian skills,Plus Qin Liang has a free voucher for one free horse riding,The coach of the riding stable readily lent this white horse to Qin Liang,Let Qin Liang teach Shen Ruoxue to ride a horse。
But this white horse seems a little excited,I don’t know if it’s because Qin Liang rode too well just now,The excitement hasn’t passed,Or is it because the white horse is wild,When Qin Liang wanted Shen Ruoxue to ride,This white horse is a little restless,Seems reluctant to let Shen Ruoxue ride on her back。
I was rejected twice by my favorite white horse,After not riding,Shen Ruoxue is a little depressed。
“Brother-in-law,Why is this horse disobedient?,Refused to let me ride,I don’t believe it,Brother-in-law, you must let me ride!”
I heard Shen Ruoxue’s angry complaint,Qin Liang could only smile,Usually a good quality horse,Wild nature is very difficult to remove,Can usually be called the arrogance of a horse。
This horse is like a human,Same arrogance,Qin Liang is an equestrian master,Let this white horse with pure sweat and blood BMW blood surrender,Of course it’s a matter of different kinds,But Shen Ruoxue can’t ride a horse,So this white horse is arrogant,Of course he refuses to lower his status,Let a Shen Ruoxue who can’t even ride a horse ride。
If this horse can be trained for longer,Qin Liang can make it submissive,But now he is also the first time to contact this horse,I want this horse to serve,Still some difficulties,But since Shen Ruoxue asked,He had to find a way。
Qin Liang also fell in the ear of the white horse,Groaned softly a few times,The white horse who was still restless,Miraculously quiet again,It looks good to ride。
Shen Ruoxue saw the white horse that had been restless,After Qin Liang groaned softly,,Become very good,Can’t help but give Qin Liang a sweet kiss。
“Wow,Brother-in-law,I find you are getting handsome,This horse listens to you so much。Can it really understand you?What did you say to it?”
“Nothing said,Just to appease its emotions,This white horse is female,It sees you so beautiful,So jealous,I have to comfort it。”Qin Liang said with Shen Ruoxue,Actually this horse is female,Say it is jealous of Shen Ruoxue,It’s completely nonsense,Just want to praise Shen Ruoxue’s beauty。
Shen Ruoxue is a smart person,Of course you can hear Qin Liang boasting about his beauty,Blushing with shyness,The unpleasant mood caused by the white horse also disappeared。
Qin Liang saw that Shen Ruoxue was no longer angry,So smiled:“All right。There should be no problem with this white horse now,You go up。”Actually in Qin Liang’s eyes,This horse is like a human,It is easily affected by the emotions of the rider,If the rider is angry,,This horse will also look very restless,So learning to ride must be patient,Keep calm,So as to better communicate with the horse,Shen Ruoxue was angry just now,So Qin Liang must find a way to keep Shen Ruoxue happy。