Dust and smoke,Luo Xing’s grinning smile gradually solidified on his face,His fist is one meter away from Fuming,I can’t move forward anymore!

“how is this possible!!!”
Luo Xing leaped back suddenly,Eyes full of shock,My own attack can’t do anything,And Fuming just used energy,Properties not yet used!
“I go,This guy has such a http://www.sdxbgg.cn strong defense!”
Many people looked at the faint light film in front of Fuming,Discussing in a low voice。
“Hey,I can give you another minute,If you can’t break the protective cover after one minute,I just shot it!”Fuming in the Wu Formation with a smile。
This sentence deeply stimulated Luo Xing’s http://www.hhqor.cn self-esteem,With a roar, continue to attack,Luo Xing’s figure inciting Tuyi keeps shuttle in the field,Attack from all angles!
“Bastard,I don’t believe in this evil!”
Luo Xing roared in his heart,The attack is getting faster。
Fuming looking down at the time。
“time up!”
Fuming’s mouth shows a smile,Wu Formation disappeared instantly,Everyone exclaimed。
“Humph,You’re dead!”
Luo Xing saw the protective shield in front of Fuming disappear,Killing intent skyrocketed again,Hit the door of Fuming。
“how come!”