‘’This ideal is too……it is good‘’The statement says

Everyone has a dream they chased when they were young,Finally some will come true,Some won’t,Everyone has the right to dream,Chase hard,God will treat people with dreams kindly!
Chapter 4 Two Groups of People 15
Before summer vacation,Chen Tong and Ni Man say hello,I went to the food factory for my internship,Haven’t seen you in years,The original small house has become bigger,The canteen became3Large rows of noodles,The variety eaten has also doubled,There are people from all over the country in the factory,Someone who likes pasta,Like to drink spicy soup,Like pancakes,Only eat well,Can do well,The leaders above have this far-sighted vision。
Ni Man invited Chen Tong to eat at home,This is also the first time Chen Tong and Ni Man’s father—Meet Ni Gang,This is a community located next to an urban park,The green grass extends to every house,The street lamp is retro dark brown,Curved bulb,Each lamp is interlaced with each other,Like a landscape painting。
Residential houses are not high,6Storey house,Each unit is equipped with an elevator,There is a full-time butler in the lobby on the first floor,The moment you walk in,He has helped you open the handle,One sentence:Hello,Make you feel that you have been a god!
Chapter 4 Two Groups of People 16
Their home is in the middle unit of the second row of houses3floor,Chen Tong changed his shoes,Sat on the sofa,Facing the sofa is an oversized TV,It’s as big as half a single bed,This is the first time Chen Tong has seen such a big one,Stepped forward and touched。
‘’If you like,Next time i go to guangdong,Order one for you,‘’Ni Gang is talking,He has already reached Chen Tong。
‘’uncle,Hello,I am Chen Tong,‘’Chen Tong smiled decently。
‘’Call me uncle,I am definitely younger than your parents by age。‘’The corner of Ni Gang’s mouth rises slightly。
This should be a relaxed state for adults,If you laugh out loud,Look frivolous,Do not laugh,Look aloof again,Chen Tong understands this kind of action in his heart,Should never leave ten。
He wondered what Ni’s father just said,Very right,His parents must be older than him,It’s more reasonable to call it Uncle,It seems that he has done some investigations before Chen Tong came!
‘’Come over for dinner,dad,Chen Tong‘’Ni Man’s voice sounded!
Chapter 4 Two Groups of People 17
‘’You two had such a speculative conversation the first time you met,There seems to be no generation gap,Ha ha、‘’Ni Man said
‘’Not the first time,3Years ago,We met,forget,At that time,This kid came to work in the factory for the first time,I even gave him training,Forget it!‘’
‘’Correct,Correct,Look at my memory,You trained them one morning,But you would never expect to entertain this little brother at home,Right!‘’