Geng Zhiming already had a guess。And when he stepped into this room,The things in the room seem to further confirm his intuition。

Zombie。Within sight,All zombies。
Not the living ones on the ground、Zombie with teeth and claws,But in a transparent glass jar、Zombie specimens soaked in formalin。
“really,Zombie virus cannot be born out of thin air,Zombie virus outbreaks are mostly man-made disasters rather than natural disasters。”Geng Zhiming already has a bottom in his heart,“There must be some other evidence……”
Geng Zhiming looked carefully in this laboratory。His own curiosity is actually very strong,At this time, his curiosity completely overwhelmed his worries about the situation of himself and other partners。
“found it!”
Geng Zhiming yelled excitedly。
After destroying three password boxes and a safe,Geng Zhiming finally found a book that seems to be reliable《The second group experiment report of Tianyun Technology》。
Geng Zhiming patted the ash on the folder,Opened this experimental report that seems to be some years old。
The previous few pages didn’t have any hot spots at all,Are all things that Geng Zhiming expected。Tianyun Technology artificially creates a real zombie virus hammer,This report used the whole10Page length to record the entire process of the birth of the zombie virus。
“Is the last page left?”Geng Zhiming was disappointed,“Seems nothing……”
The voice has not fallen,Geng Zhiming’s eyes suddenly widened。
“Oh shit……Thistmd……It’s totally different from what I heard in the Holy Spirit Society……”
Chapter Twenty Six lie