Only actively complete the task of Shen Xuan,Let Shen Xuan look at themselves。

In this case,Li Qingyi wants to become the idea of the boss,Must be implemented。
if not,Everything,In this way,All is just empty talks。
But from the current situation,Li Qingyi felt,Shen Xuan has begun to pay attention to yourself.。
“correct,There is another thing,I hope you can help investigate some。”
Shen Xuan thought of the War God’s Temple。
Since I have a very professional team under Shen Xuan。
So these things,Still handed over to them to deal with it.。
and,It looks in Shen Xuan.,Don’t think,This is a bad thing。
“boss,What is going on,Although the command is told,so,I can see it.。”
Li Qingyi squatted two eyes,Look at Shen Xuan,The next consciousness。
For Li Qingyi,Shen Xuan is not aware。
But Shen Xuan still asked:“you know,War Temple??”
War hall?
Shen Xuan finished,Just now, there are people in haha.。
At this moment,It is completely quiet.。
These people have looked up in the head of the brush to see Shen Xuan.。
obviously,Such a thing,They didn’t think。
“How can the boss go to investigate the War of War?,That organization,Once, it is very cattle.。”
“That’s right,Just let us investigate,Always feel,Too big risk。”
“This is not very clear.,But they have happened a disaster,Since then,The Hall of War seems to have disappeared slowly.。”
Surroundings,I didn’t forget it here.。
For these people,How can Shen Xuan will not know??
only,He wants to know,More detailed。
Shen Xuan thinks here,If now,Tell everyone about the new God of War God。
these people,Will not feel very surprised?
But for such a thing,Shen Xuan itself,Don’t you show it at all?。
Just after reading a while,Shen Xuan still said:“Investigate as much as possible,Complete this in the case of ensuring your own safety。”
Shen Xuan finished,Other people face each other,Heat here。
But Li Qingyi,Directly promise。
“OK,this matter,Pack of me。”
Li Qingyi agreed so much,It is completely awkwardly around those people.。