Body volume
Chapter Ninety Six Not too shameful
On the one hand, the poison circle has come to him,If you don’t run, you will poison him,On the other hand, the other party is still following,I can’t help him now,What he can do(qíng)Only one,Run quickly,without hesitation,Leave nothing,Run as hard as you can。
He really did his best here,The one without even the slightest hesitation。
But the guy behind didn’t seem to let him off,The moment he thought he could get rid of the opponent and finally he was free,He realized that the guy was still staring at him,In him(shēn)There was another slight voice beside,Not so obvious,But can hear clearly,It means that guy shot,Same as he thought before,This guy didn’t even plan to let him go。
Even he felt something more frightening(qíng),This guy never thought about running poison!
What this person has to do from the beginning(qíng)Just want to die with him,Just to hold him,Then find a way to solve him。
This is what the other party has to do now(qíng),No wonder this guy hasn’t left since the beginning,It turned out to be such an idea,This actually surprised him,Although I think the other person is a madman,But I also know that the other party is qualified to do this!
At this moment, Chen Jie finally wakes up,I finally know what kind of person I met。
He shouldn’t look at these guys in the beginning,Although he had thought about betting before100Wan is a bit too late?
I know now that it’s not too much at all,The opponent is definitely not an ordinary gamer,But a professional,It may even be a representative player from a certain city who has won national awards。
So crazy and so calm,So patient,The technology is so in place……