Ding Yi wiped the tears on his cheek,Forced a smile,Said:“casual。”

Jiang Fan smiled,Said badly:“Women can’t say these two words casually。”
Ding Yi didn’t pick up his words,Her head hurts。
Jiang Fan smiled,Say:“correct,What does that puppy usually eat?I have to bring it delicious next time I go,do you know,The basketball court in the provincial capital,Your brother also plays ball there,And your sister-in-law and children,It actually recognizes me,I was so moved that my tears were almost falling……”
Listen to him,Ding Yi reached out,The puppy stood up from the ground again,Walk to her,Licking her hand,Make an intimate cry。
Ding Yi touched the puppy and said:“It only eats dog food and ham。”
“What brand?”
“Not so fixed,Catch up with supermarket promotions,Will buy more。”
Jiang Fan said:“Tell it,Its future rations,It’s a big deal。”
“Ha ha……”
Ding Yi’s mood gradually relaxed。
“Sleepy??”Jiang Fan looked at her and said。
Ding Yi knew what he meant by asking this,But it’s hard to say that I’m sleepy,It’s not easy to say not sleepy,Just say:“Okay,Just a headache。”
Jiang Fan said:“Oh,Sorry,Blame me,You hurry up and rest,Come to Japan,In addition,Call me if anything happens at night,Alright?”“Must it be at night??”Ding Yi asked playfully。
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“Of course it can be done at any time and under any circumstances。I can’t ask for it。”
“Ha ha,Ok。”Talking,Ding Yi wanted to hang up,What did she suddenly remember,Hurriedly said again:“correct,Did you miss dinner?”