Female warriors,I found that they are generally not very old……”

Director Huang said with a smile,Then I couldn’t help but think of the little girl named Liu Xiaoyun。
“Yes,Guarantee to complete the task!”
Two policewomen stand at attention and salute,Then turned around and walked out。
“That little girl surnamed Liu is really amazing!I already have such a good mind at a young age,Unfortunately she is not a policeman,otherwise,It’s definitely a rare talent that can’t be met!Do not,It should be said that she is a genius!”
Director Huang silently evaluated Liu Xiaoyun in his heart……Whether Liu Xiaoyun is a genius is another matter,But she is definitely an energetic Sailor Moon,This is absolutely beyond question!
The sky is slowly getting dark,First time,The noisy city nightlife has begun to kick off,There were more pedestrians on the street,It looks very lively。
“Skin monkey”I’m looking for a place to rest at night,He looked around,Looking for buildings that can be seen around,Because there are buildings,Usually a residential area,of course,He has to find a community where there is no security guard at the door.。
To be in the moment,Want to find a residential area without security,Not easy,and so“Skin monkey”Plan to find it in one night……
It’s time for dinner tonight,The girls in the special forces are still sleeping,Two policewomen who take care of their diet,Went around the door of the dormitory for a long time,Not called,Not called nor,In the end, only came to see Director Huang again。
“Director……It’s time for dinner,Do you want to wake up those girls??”
A policewoman asked quietly。
“Do not,Don’t call them,Inform the kitchen,When did the girls from the special forces wake up,Make dinner for them。”