Pick up the left wheel,Again,Runner dripping。

After stop,In everyone’s gaze,Summer lifting gun tube,Aligned your own temple,Flashing in the eyes crazy。
Immediately,Do not hesitate to pull the trigger。
Liu Qingqing licks his mouth,Beautiful scorpion is full of fear and fear,Face is pale to the extreme。
Her heart,Jump out of the eyes。
Qinling is also strong,Shake,Some fell on the ground,The mouth is suddenly exclaimed。
As for the leaves and Yao Yu,These two temperament women,The face is equally awkward。
Other person,They know the identity of summer,I know how he has a powerful strength.。
But this kind of http://www.guohuogou.cn gambling,There is no relationship with your own strength.。
Unfair,This is completely gambling!
One percent survival chance!
Ninety-nine percent ending。
In this moment。
Everyone feels that the heartbeat accelerates,Breathing suffocation。
Thunder is just flashing in my mind,I heard a slap。
The sound is not high。
But like a heavy hammer in everyone’s heart。
It’s a shock that I have to come in front of a bomb.。
Empty shell!
No bullets are clear and thorough,There is no bloody picture of the cerebrose split.。
It’s empty.!
Who is crazy? Who is!
Whole hall,Silence。
Dead and normal。
This madman!
This is the idea of everyone in the http://www.fu1314.cn mind.。
Although just gently bucking the trigger,But it is the shock and impact of everyone.,Has arrived at the point of sweating。
Liu Qingqing slammed his mouth,Tears。